Racial justice groups aim to ‘End Hate Across the State’ in Hartford

Dozens of protesters were in Hartford on Saturday to declare racism a public health crisis at the “End Hate Across the State” event outside the State Capitol.
Members of several racial justice groups shared their personal stories of racism that they have endured. They tell News 12 their goal is to voice concerns over the problems that have occurred in individual communities across the state.
One of which was the investigations into the deaths of Lauren Smith-Fields and Brenda Lee Rawls by authorities in Bridgeport. Neither of the two women's family was notified about their deaths.
The State House unanimously approved a bill this week requiring police to notify family members of a death within 24 hours. Under the new version of the bill, police officers face decertification for malice or "reckless indifference."  
Running counter to the racial justice protest was another protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. At one point there was a verbal dispute between the groups, News 12's Shosh Bedrosian reported.