Rain ahead of snow Thursday morning may cause issue for crews pretreating roads

The rain and snow coming overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning presents an issue for state and local crews charged with keeping the roads safe and clear.
Stamford's Department of Public Works will hit the road starting at 3 a.m. to prepare for this system moving into the area.
The city says it has about 37 personnel on deck for this storm with about 34 planned routes.
This storm is presenting a challenge for crews when it comes to pretreating the roads, because with rain anticipated to come down first, it says salt would be washed away.
Right now, the city says it will gauge how to treat the roads in real time but with rain, snow and freezing temperatures, it is advising everyone to stay off the roads.
"The timing of this storm makes it a little bit of a challenge because you may leave your home and not expect an icing event coming but when the cold weather comes in, it could present a challenge of hazardous roads. So I think that's a concern," said Director of operations for the City of Stamford Matt Quinones.
News 12 reached out to the State DOT if it is pretreating the roads and it said it plans to salt the roads as snow falls.