Rare whale carcass vanishes from Stratford beach

Town officials in Stratford are asking for the public's help after a rare whale carcass that washed ashore went missing.
In a press release, Stratford town officials wrote that a rare pygmy sperm whale washed up dead on the shores of Russian Beach back in the beginning of December. They say pygmy sperm whales are so rare that only a few, if any, accounts exist of them living in the Long Island Sound.
Town officials say the whale was identified by both the town's conservative administrator and officials from Mystic Aquarium and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
Town officials surveying the area reported that the whale carcass had apparently moved during a significant storm event, shifting further down the beach toward Lordship Road.
The Yale Peabody Museum was in the process of obtaining permits to collect the whale's body.
However, town officials say the whale carcass suddenly went missing on Dec. 30.
Officials believe the whale was removed by someone using either an ATV or handcart.
Officials ask anyone with information about the missing whale to contact Christina Senft-Batoh, the Stratford town's conservation administrator at 203-385-4006.
Officials says an evaluation of the remains or skeleton of the rare whale would provide novel scientific information about the life-history of the elusive species.
Stratford conservation officials say they have received a tip that somebody may have buried the whale, but they don't know where.