Razed $9M Silver Sand project was controversial from its start

The $9 million development at Silver Sand State Park that burned down Tuesday night had been a controversial project from its inception.
News 12 reported that the fire destroyed a newly constructed concession stand and dining area as well as public restrooms in the Milford park. A new office building was also damaged by the fire, and officials say not much is salvageable.
Firefighters say the nearly completed units were going to open Memorial Day weekend.
Some residents say they had concerns about how the project would impact the environment and believed the $9 million price tag was too expensive.
Neighbors also worried that if the state started charging for parking, people would try to get around the fee and start crowding the surrounding residential roads.
Milford state Rep. Kim Rose told News 12 that it was “not the time to be spending money on a luxury project.”
“In addition, we had a lot of environmental concerns…This is one of the few seaside parks that was in its natural state of beauty,” she says.
The fate of the structure is in the hands of the state as the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection figures out what to do next. The DEEP says it will continue to monitor the potential of toxins from the fire making their way into Long Island Sound.