Real deal: Connecticut rental prices ease as market shows signs of leveling out

Connecticut rental prices that were ​being driven higher by first time mortgage rates are finally starting to level out, experts say.
Investopedia's Caleb Silver says that renting is typically slower in the colder months, which may also be helping to drive down prices in the Northeast.
Silver says rental prices dropped over the last month.  He says rental prices dropped in New Haven County down 3% while Fairfield County saw rental prices drop 1.6% and Hartford Country rental prices dropped 0.7%.
Julie Vanderblue, of the Vanderblue Team at the Higgins Group,says that having a relator on hand who knows the rental market could also help you save.
"It's true that most people don't think of a realtor when it comes to renting, andI think it's one of the most important things people should be doing," Vanderblue says.  
Vanderblue says that a realtor alone could help renters save by best understanding the market and different locations as well as learning about a new rental before it goes on the market.