Realtors: Housing market sees boom due to New Yorkers jumping on summer rentals

A pandemic silver lining for Connecticut homeowners is that local realtors say sale prices are way up as more and more New Yorkers head to the suburbs.
Rob Russo, a Fairfield real estate attorney, says the trend started with New Yorkers jumping on local summer rentals. He says demand is skyrocketing for multimillion-dollar homes that had lost value over the past decade.
Paul Breunich, the president and CEO of William Pitt Sotheby's, says in the wake of the pandemic, city-dwellers are looking for space.
Even movie star Bradley Cooper has allegedly been seen around Fairfield in the past few days.
Russo says if Cooper did just move to Fairfield, he's not going to be the last.
He adds that while swimming pools don't traditionally add any value to your home, they've been a major selling point this summer.