Recently unsealed documents reveal more sexual assault allegations by former Danbury teacher

More details of the numerous sexual abuse charges facing a former Danbury teacher are now being released. The alleged victim, now in his 20s, says it went on for years.
Kenneth Gardner was back in court Wednesday and was given a court-appointed attorney. Recently released court documents reveals that one of his victims claims the sexual assaults started when he was 3 or 4 years old.
Kenneth Gardner, 51, and his wife Lisa were arrested at the end of May after an eight-month investigation by the Danbury Police Department into allegations of sexual abuse.
The victim came forward and detailed acts of incest and multiple counts of sexual assaults that spanned over a decade.
Police say Kenneth Gardner was the instigator into the sexual assaults and his wife Lisa Gardner was aware of these acts but did nothing to stop them.
The victim told police Kenneth Gardner committed the acts on his own for the first seven or eight years, and then Lisa joined him and the victim around 2007.
Kenneth Gardner lost his job a few months ago as a sixth grade science teacher at Broadview Middle School, but police say no students at the school were victimized.
Kenneth and Lisa Gardner both remain behind bars.
Police say there are two victims in this case. Gardner allegedly admitted to police that he took nude pictures of the victim and they may still be on his computer.
Gardner and his wife Lisa are due back in court next month.