Record COVID-19 deaths tops 4,000 in one day

A record 4,085 people died from COVID -19 in the United States yesterday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Associated Press

Jan 8, 2021, 3:02 PM

Updated 1,251 days ago


The U.S. has topped 4,000 daily deaths from the coronavirus for the first time, breaking a record set just one day earlier.
The tally from Johns Hopkins University shows the U.S. had 4,085 deaths Thursday. The U.S. had nearly 275,000 new coronavirus cases as well.
The numbers are another reminder of the worsening situation following travel for holidays and family gatherings, along with more time indoors during the winter months. There’s been a surge in cases and deaths in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.
More than 365,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus.

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