Red Cross volunteers in Bridgeport get ready to head south

Volunteers from the American Red Cross in Bridgeport are ready to help people affected by Hurricane Michael.
Red Cross officials say volunteers are standing by and getting ready to help people in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.
So far, the Red Cross has sent 600 volunteers to Florida to set up shelters and help those in the path of the hurricane. Red Cross officials say thousands more will be deployed in the coming weeks. 
Hurricane Michael made landfall just before 2 p.m. Wednesday. The Florida Panhandle was hit with winds gusting up to 155 mph and soaking rain.
Officials say people were told to evacuate, but add that many didn't have enough time.
Dave Heiden, of the American Red Cross, says there are about 5,000 people in shelters in about 30 or so locations.
Officials say of the 600 volunteers already there, about a dozen are from Connecticut.