Redding woman competes on FOX Network's 'Lego Masters'

A Redding woman is competing on a new Lego-themed TV show airing on FOX Network.
Jessica Ragsy Ewud, also known as RAGZY X, works out of her art studio, Factory X.
The Redding native makes art through Legos and now is competing on the show "Lego Masters."
"Andy Warhol's art studo was called the Factory in New York so I'm slowly modeling my art space after him," Ragsy Ewud says.
Brick by brick, Ragsy Ewud has a creative way to make her art pieces pop.
"As a young girl I was actually told I could not play with Lego bricks by a teacher because they were in the boys section of the toys in the classroom, and I remembered that from so long ago," she says.
Ragsy Ewud and her partner are one of 10 teams competing to win the show.
The Redding native says when she grew up she no longer saw Legos as a toy, but rather an art medium.

She calls her art "pop science" and says she was built to do it.
Ragsy Ewud says she likes to create pieces that are iconic because for her Lego bricks symbolize building blocks.
Her art has been featured in galleries and is available for sale through her online store.
Lego Masters will air on FOX on Wednesday night’s.