Rell announces ideas to improve state's parole system

Gov. Jodi Rell announced Tuesday several new ideas for improving the state?s parole system.
The ideas come after the summer?s gruesome triple murder in Cheshire. Rell got the suggestions from a task force she commissioned immediately after the incident. Rell says she implemented some changes after the killings, but wanted the task force to take the time to completely analyze the parole system.
The killings occurred in July when two parolees allegedly broke into a family?s home and took them hostage. The pair allegedly sexually assaulted and killed a woman and her two daughters.
Rell says the goal of the commission was to come up with ideas to prevent such a crime from ever happening again. She would like to toughen the current home invasion law, rework the state?s three-strikes law and bolster the qualifications and resources of the Board of Pardons and Parole.
Rell says she would like to address all of these issues in this month?s special session.
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