Rell bans parole for violent offenders pending reforms

(AP) - Governor Jodi Rell has banned parole forany inmate convicted of a violent offense until lawmakers reformsentencing laws.
The announcement of the immediate ban comes on the heels of thearrest in New York Friday of a Connecticut parolee suspected of anarmed carjacking. New York police shot and wounded the allegedcarjacker who they say came at him with a knife. He paroled lessthan a month ago.
The governor has also directed the Board of Pardons and Parolesto conduct an immediate review of all current parolees who weresentenced for a violent offense. Rell says she will not allowpublic safety to be jeopardized.
The state began looking closely into sentencing reform since aviolent home invasion in July left three members of a Cheshirefamily dead. Two suspects in the case were convicted burglars outon parole.