Rell calls for cap on property tax hikes

Governor Jodi Rell revealed her plan to cap property tax increases for Connecticut residents at a hearing in Hartford Friday.
Rell says that many homeowners or potential homeowners find property taxes in certain areas burdensome. She wants to control the amount property taxes can increase each year to 3 percent. She says the public is supportive of her proposed measure.
At the hearing, planning experts raised important issues and concerns regarding Rell?s plan. They say capping taxes does not prevent a rise in the cost of services. This means communities will have less money to pay for those services, forcing them to rely on state aid for the extra money.
State Representative Carl Leone of Stamford commended the governor for raising the issue, but says she brought it up too late in the year. He also says the government needs to act slowly and carefully when implementing such a change.
The legislative session ends June 6, when the budget is due. Rell says her proposal will be part of the budget negotiations.