Rep. DeLauro introduces legislation inspired by Katie Couric

A local politician inspired by a courageous journalist is now fighting for women everywhere in this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Rep. Rosa DeLauro tweeted out that she is introducing legislation to require insurance companies to completely cover ultrasounds for women with dense breasts. DeLauro says she wants to thank Katie Couric for sharing her story.
"It's wonderful to be working with Katie Couric. She is so committed and dedicated to health issues," DeLauro told News 12 Connecticut.
Couric, who came to speak at the Yale Cancer Center three years ago, announced on "Today" Monday that she had breast cancer.
"I just really want women to get screened; don't put it off," she said.
Connecticut Healthcare Advocate Ted Doolittle says Connecticut is ahead of the curve in terms of mammogram coverage by insurance, but that the state only controls about one-third of the types of plans that are sold or used in Connecticut so federal regulations absolutely need to be on top of the already strong state regulation that's in place.
"This is not unnecessary care, so therefore it should be completely exempted from any deductibles across the board," said Doolittle.
DeLauro knows early detection will save lives.
"I'm optimistic that we can get something passed in Congress. It might take us a while, but we'll do it," said DeLauro.
Doolittle says people who have health care savings plans are not currently covered for some of these deductibles.