Rep. Himes helps Bridgeport couple secure passports for Jamaican honeymoon

A Bridgeport couple who has waited months for a passport so they could travel for their honeymoon say they're relieved after Rep. Jim Himes stepped in to help.
Stephanie Yanez and her husband-to-be Darryl Shine are getting married on July 25.
The bride and groom were unsure if they were going on their honeymoon to Jamaica on July 27 because Shine was still waiting to receive his passport due to a massive backlog.
Yanez told News 12 that they applied to renew their passports in April, when the wait time was expected to be 8-10 weeks.
But while Yanez has received hers, Shine was still waiting after three months.
Himes says the backlog is due to an increase in travel because people were unable to fulfill their travel plans during the height of the pandemic. He thanked his staff for helping to push the passport through.