Report: Bronx home to 2 worse city subway stations

A new report finds the Bronx is home to two of the city's worse subway stations, and one includes a line near the new Yankee Stadium.
The New York City Transit Riders Council, an MTA advisory panel, found that the 4 line's 149th Street station near the stadium and 138th Street station rank poorly for cleanliness.
The South Bronx stations have peeling ceilings, rodents, trash and even exposed wires.
"We are minorities. We live by our means. ...Unfortunately, the MTA doesn't care about the Bronx," said one straphanger.
The council evaluated 50 stations in 34 categories, including platform conditions and lighting.
In response, the MTA said it's challenging to keep the system's 468 stations in clean and good condition, but it remains one of its top priorities. The transit agency blamed insufficient funding.
The MTA said it's changing the way it rehabilitates stations. Instead of waiting until a station is due for a full rehab project, the agency is now looking at fixing problems as they arise.