Report: BX property taxes higher than national average

A new report based on Census Bureau data finds that Bronx residents are shelling out more for property taxes than the national average.
According to the report, Bronx homeowners paid on average a little more than $2,000 in property taxes in 2006. That's compared to the national median of $1,500. The report also stated that states with the highest property tax bills are usually found in areas with the highest incomes. Yet, some Bronx residents say their paychecks don't keep up with the rising rates.
"I don't like it at all," said homeowner Denise Summo. "My salary doesn't go up, my husband's salary doesn't go up and we continue to have to pay an increase in our property taxes."
The latest Census Bureau data found the average median income in the Bronx was about $28,000. Residents say the high taxes are pushing them out of the borough. A number of residents said they hope to someday move down south to areas that enjoy some of the nation's lowest property taxes.