Republican candidate for 134th State House race files complaint over voter violation allegations

There are allegations of election violations in the 134th State House race in Fairfield and Trumbull.
First-time Republican candidate Meghan McCloat says she is shocked about alleged wrongful acts by the Fairfield Democrat Registrar of Voters Matthew Waggner since the Nov. 8 election.
McCloat has filed a formal ballot violations complaint with state election regulators.
In a press release, McCloat's campaign manager wrote, "According to a State Elections Enforcement Commission complaint drafted Tuesday, it is alleged based on certified moderator documents and witness testimony statements from poll workers and other elected officials participating in the vote counts, that Waggner violated multiple Connecticut State Election Laws that constitute Prohibited Acts according to Chapter 151 of the Connecticut General Statutes."
The release goes on to say, "Alleged violations include unnecessary printing of photocopied ballots, improper chain of custody of official ballots, false statements on certificates and returns, improper voter count without an official moderator present, and tampering with ballots among other violations.”
McCloat is facing democratic incumbent Sarah Keitt.