Republicans hold rally in Stratford calling to decrease taxes

With the cost of just about everything still going up, state Republicans say lawmakers need to do more to bring taxes down.
A GOP tax rally was held Wednesday in front of a gas station in Stratford, where Republicans are calling for a special session.
Senate Republican leader Kevin Kelly led the rally saying it's never too late to help struggling families. 
Horns were honking and people waved at him in support of what he calls his effort to help Connecticut's working and middle class families. 
Kelly says right now we have a rare opportunity, an extra $750 million surplus, and he's not backing down when it comes to making this special session a reality.  
“We don't think people should feel that pain when we have the ability and an opportunity to help them. Whether I'm at the grocery store or at a Little League ball field, I hear families tell me how hard it is to make ends meet. We're here listening to our constituents struggle and so what we want to do is send a message to Hartford,” said Kelly.
Senate Democratic Majority Leader Bob Duff says, “The Republicans right now are really a day late and $600 million short. They voted against the budget that included over $600 million in tax cuts that are in effect now and more will go into effect on July 1.”
Residents say more needs to be done.
Kelly plans to hold several more rallies urging Democrats to hold a special session. Democrats say that special session is simply not happening.