Republicans make big gains in Connecticut on Election Day

The map of Connecticut is looking "redder" after Republicans made big gains in the state and across the country.

News 12 Staff

Nov 3, 2021, 9:24 PM

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The map of Connecticut is looking "redder" after Republicans made big gains in the state and across the country.
Gov. Ned Lamont says he's not worried about the elections, but Republicans say this puts them in a much better position heading into the critical elections next year.
Republicans held on to the first selectman's seat in Darien.
"People told us what they wanted, and they really do want a united Darien," says Monica McNally, the Darien first selectman-elect.
Connecticut Republican Party Chair Ben Proto says the GOP captured the top job in more than a dozen towns including Brookfield, Bethlehem and a hard-fought mayor's race in Bristol.
"The Democrats attempted to tie so many of our Republican candidates to Donald Trump and Jan. 6 means they were trying to nationalize those elections. And they failed," says Proto.
Republicans also recaptured the Virginia's governorship, and New Jersey is still locked in a dead heat.
"I think we're fine," says Lamont when asked about the elections. "I think Connecticut feels like they're in a pretty good place right now. We're doing well in terms of jobs, doing well financially. And most importantly, doing well in terms of COVID."
Democrats made their own gains, flipping four towns that used to be conservative strongholds.
Also, Democrat Caroline Simmons defeated baseball legend Bobby Valentine in Stamford. But political analyst Dr. Jonathan Wharton, of Southern Connecticut State University, says don't read too much into local races.
"No. I'm one of these political scientists who feels as though that, right now all we're seeing is kind of a moment for what's going on right now," said Wharton when asked if this year's elections will give any clue about the elections in 2022.
Republicans say voters clearly care about crime, taxes, local zoning and local school control - which they say are the winning issues.

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