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Republicans tout alternate 'Prioritize Progress' toll plan in Hartford

State Republicans are touting an alternative to tolling.

News 12 Staff

Apr 26, 2019, 5:17 PM

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State Republicans are touting an alternative to tolling.
The 'Prioritize Progress' plan proposes the prioritizing of the state's most pressing needs, and borrowing money to pay for it. It would keep tolls off state roads.
"It's just like in your home. You make a decision on what you can borrow -- for example, for a mortgage for your house -- and what you can spend," says state Rep. Themis Klarides.
Gov. Ned Lamont says the plan would just put more money on the state's credit card and it won't really fix the state's crumbling roads.
Currently, there are three different toll plans on the table that lawmakers need to combined into one. All three plans call for tolls on the Merritt Parkway and all three interstates.
Unanswered questions include if there would be limits on rate hikes, and if businesses and low-income drivers could get tax credits. The indecision leaves even some Democrats on the fence.
Drivers in the Norwalk area say they want a guarantee that if tolls come to Connecticut, that they will not keep rising in price. In response, lawmakers are trying to come up with a plan that offers reassurance, but also gives the state some flexibility.

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