Residents at Success Village finally get a temporary relief after nearly a week with no hot water

The complex association said it has rented a temporary system for six months.

Frank Recchia

May 11, 2024, 2:04 AM

Updated 13 days ago


Hundreds of families in Bridgeport and Stratford will be one step closer to getting hot water.
Residents say they have been without hot water for almost a week after the state condemned their leaky old boiler system.
The Success Village had a water tank delivered on Friday.
"We knew that the system was old, there's no doubt about it. Things break when they get old, but I do think we should have had different options laid out for us to choose from," said Resident Morgan Schick.
Ty Bird, the head of the Success Village Association, says the boiler that goes with this hot water tank will arrive on Monday.
"This will give hot water to everyone around the clock 24/7," Bird said. "It's such a big deal because our boiler room has been condemned by the state."
He says the association has rented this temporary system for six months.
"We plan on actually having it for less than that because we plan on having hot water-on-demand tanks for each building," said Bird.
He says that a permanent fix will be in place soon.
But residents at Success Village say they still have more questions than answers.

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