Residents: Auto businesses is illegally occupying parking spaces on Bridgeport’s East End

Bridgeport residents are complaining about what they describe as a severe lack of parking on the city’s East End.
They say a man running an auto business out of his home on Carroll Avenue is taking up spaces in violation of a city ordinance.
Denise Ellis told News 12 that she and her mother’s aid received parking tickets, yet the business owner has never been cited for single violation. She says dozens of cars are illegally parked on the street and sidewalk.
"We've complained but no one does anything about it,” she said. “It's like they are turning a blind eye to the East End and it's frustrating. We pay taxes here. Why are they not moving these cars? Why are they not shutting this man's business down?"
Councilman Ernie Newton says he's filed several complaints against the business, but no action has been taken. City officials say they're looking into the matter.