Residents fight for light at dangerous intersection

A car accident at the Lafayette Avenue and Revere Avenue intersection has neighbors once again calling for the city to make the area safer.
On Tuesday, two cars collided at the intersection, resulting in an off-duty police officer being rushed to Jacobi Medical Center. The fight to make the intersection safer isn?t a new development, and community members say they will continue to push for a light at the location.
Many people in the neighborhood say they live in fear, worrying that every time they approach the intersection they will be its next victim.
Shards of glass, a seat belt and a windshield wiper lay in the street as reminders of the many accidents that took place at the intersection. Neighbors worry that if something isn?t done soon to make the area safer, someone will die.
Residents say the hill on Lafayette Avenue is to blame for the accidents. They say cars speed over it to make the light on the other side, and those trying to turn onto Lafayette don?t see the cars coming.
The Department of Transportation (DOT) previously surveyed the area, but said there wasn?t enough traffic to warrant traffic lights. Members of the community who disagree say they will go door to door to get a petition signed in order to get something done.
Councilman James Vacca says he is urging the city to reconsider installing traffic lights. However, the DOT says they will have to wait 18 months before they can conduct another survey of the area.