Residents: Mansion doesn't belong in Greenwich

Some residents in Greenwich are opposing plans to build a mansion on Simmons Lane.
Simmons Lane currently has eight single-family homes. Residents opposed to the mansion say it is just too big for the neighborhood.
The structure will be built in place of another mansion on seven acres of land. Lawyers for the property owner say the plans are in compliance with zoning regulations. However, a group of about 100 residents say the plans don?t look anything like a single-family home.
?[There] is an underground garage, there is a game room, the billiards room ?? says Leslie Lee, one of the residents against the mansion.
The group against the mansion has spoken publicly to the city?s Zoning and Planning Commission. The commission has 60 days to decide on whether to approve the application. If approved, residents will have another chance to voice their concerns before a final vote.