Restaurant owner: Pregnant worker stabbed while taking out trash

Police say a restaurant employee was stabbed while taking the trash out, and the restaurant owner tells News 12 that the victim is pregnant.
The incident happened Sunday outside Paci restaurant at 96 Station St. in Southport around 9:30 p.m.
The owner of the restaurant says the employee is about seven months pregnant. She works in the kitchen of the restaurant.
Police say the woman reported that she was taking the trash out alone when she was suddenly attacked by an unknown man. She was struck in the face several times by the suspect then stabbed with an unknown object in the abdomen, according to police.  
She was transported to the hospital, where she remains in stable condition. The baby was not injured, the owner says.
Police say the suspect ran westbound toward the parking lot. Police deployed a K-9 unit to the scene, but the track yielded no results.
Police say they are reviewing surveillance video.
The suspect is described by the victim as a tall, white man with a heavy build who wore a black-colored hat, scarf and jacket.  
Anyone with information is asked to call police at 203-254-4840.