Ridgefield town official accused of hitting YouTuber with folder

A town official has been charged with disorderly conduct after she was accused of "hitting" a YouTuber with a folder.
The group Accountability for All says they were exercising their First Amendment right when they record and upload videos, usually of public officials, at work. But the first selectman of Ridgefield says the employee was provoked.
"It's just flat out wrong. I couldn't be more disappointed in that group who thought they were doing a First Amendment audit. Are you kidding me? Read the amendment and act accordingly. That's absurd. That was straight up intimidation," said First Selectman of Ridgefield Rudy Marconi.
Marconi is standing behind the town employee of 30 years after she was recorded at work by a YouTuber.
"We all are broken hearted for her in that she was intimidated. She asked very politely, 'Please don't record me,'" said Marconi.
Two men, who say they are from the self-proclaimed auditors of the First Amendment, walked into Town Hall in Ridgefield. The employee eventually gets up to hit Josh Abrams with a folder.
Police were called, and she was charged with disorderly conduct.
Capt. Jeffrey Raines with the Ridgefield Police Department says recording in public spaces is legal, including town halls, post offices and lobbies of police departments.
"People have the right to go into any public place and film as much as they want," said Raines. "The advice that we give our officers, and the public is basically educate them in someone's use of First Amendment rights and not react to them."
The employee will appear in court on Dec. 16.