Riverdale woman says pleas about tree were ignored

A Riverdale woman whose home was smashed by a tree says she complained many times to the management of an adjacent building about the potential danger.
Dena Alto says the tree came down on her house at 511 W. 232nd St. during Saturday's torrential rains. Alto says her requests to have the trees cut down were to no avail.
"Nothing was done, so that made me feel worse because this could have been avoided," she says. "It's a feeling of ? I can't even explain it to you in words."
Alto says the tree caused a retaining wall to fall, heaping bricks and other debris onto the property.
"We've got broken windows, we've got a wall that's damaged," she says.
The management company says its insurer informed them not to remove the tree because it fell onto Alto's property. They also say the insurance company informed them they can't cover the damage done to Alto's property because it was caused by an "act of God."