Rockland Executive Day says decision coming soon about if county will end drought status

Rockland County Executive Ed Day says a decision will be made soon regarding whether or not the county will end its drought status.
"The rain we've had recently has helped but has not been the magic pill, to say," he said.
Day added the community is complying since they announced the water emergency last month, with data showing water usage down about 15%.
Depending on what's decided, Veolia water customers in single-family homes who use more than 12 CCFs will see a 25% increase on that excess amount in their next bill starting Sept. 17.
Veolia tells News 12 that the average family uses about 9 CCFs, or more than 6,700 gallons.
"A family to be issued the drought rate, they would have to use 30% more than they typically do," says Bill Madden, of Veolia.
Madden says the "drought rate" was created by the Public Service Commission so high-water customers would use less.
"And those highest users are the ones we're hoping will adhere to the restrictions and lower their water usage," says Madden.
News 12 is told that Rockland County officials and Veolia will be meeting this week to discuss the situation.