Rowland concedes, Republican Tony Giannattasio to become Milford mayor

Democrat Kerri Rowland has conceded the race for Milford mayor to Republican Tony Giannattasio.
Giannattasio has been a city alderman for 16 years and a longtime business owner.
He will be Milford's first Republican mayor in 12 years.
Watch: Tony Giannattasio speaks after he is declared the winner in the Milford mayoral race
As mayor, Giannattasio says he will work to lower crime and focus on economic development. He also says he wants to bring a positive message to the city and work in a bipartisan manner.
"I'm so proud to represent all the people. Milford spoke tonight. They have confidence in me, and I want to lead a positive Milford. We're a community, we're a family. We have to work together. We have to make sure we address all the concerns of all the citizens of Milford."
Rowland, a lifelong city resident, has been involved in politics for nearly 20 years. Rowland was hoping to continue Democratic power in the mayor's office.
Watch: Kerri Rowland speaks to News 12's Marissa Alter
"I want us all to stay strong to our values, and I want us all to keep fighting the good fight because that's what politics is. And now we come together and we govern and we see what comes of the next two years," said Rowland.
Rowland says she will continue to be the registrar of voters.