Reports of possible mold in Sacred Heart dorm prompt probe by university

An investigation has been launched by Sacred Heart University after reports of a mold outbreak in one of its dorms.
A parent of a Sacred Heart student told News 12 her daughter sent home photos of her dorm in Seton Hall that show mold. She says it’s to blame for a rash of coughs and stuffy noses in the residence hall.
"Under her bed, where she's sleeping, it's in her drawers in her desk, it's everywhere,” the girl’s mother said. "Kids have been getting sick, they've been tested for COVID, they're negative.”
SHU officials say the HVAC system in that dorm is brand new and a ServPro team has been called to clean the building. Student complaints about mold in the dorms have been ongoing since Monday.
"Mold and mildew can develop when windows are open while the air conditioning is running. This scenario causes condensation to form, which turns into mildew,” the university said in part in a statement.
Dr. Carrie Redlich, the Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Yale Medicine, told News 12 visible mold or mildew should be investigated, and the sign of persistent moisture can pose health risks.
"Damp environments can cause or exacerbate respiratory, allergic sort of conditions,” Redlich added.
Redlich cautioned Sacred Heart students against web-fueled fears about black mold. She also said sniffles could also be coming from another viral infection caused by students gathering together again.