Sandy Hook PSA dives into the mind of a shooter

The organization Sandy Hook Promise launched a new PSA as the six-year anniversary of the mass shooting approaches.
The PSA  takes a look into the often unnoticed warning signs of a potential shooter, through the eyes of a shooter. 
"Our strategy is to teach people those signs," says Mark Barden, the co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise. "And give them the tools to take those next steps to get somebody connected with the help that they need before it becomes a tragedy." 
The Sandy Hook tragedy is all too familiar to Barden. He lost his 7-year-old son Daniel in the shooting. 
"My mission is to prevent other families from living this pain, and it's the most beautiful and significant way I can think of to honor my sweet little Daniel" 
The "Point of View" PSA is the latest installment of a number of videos the nonprofit group has released. Barden says the video shows that gun violence is preventable if you know the signs.
Sandy Hook Promise's mission is to train students and adults to know the signs of gun violence so they can prevent it.