Saugatuck Universal Trail offers great views in Redding, Weston

Over 1,500 acres in Redding and Weston are home to the Saugatuck Universal Trail.
Naturalist Mark Fowler from Grace Farms Foundation and explorer Richard Wiese took News 12 Connecticut on an exclusive tour of the grounds.
"We’re lucky in Connecticut that we have hiking trails everywhere," Fowler says. "It’s an incredible trail that winds around a beautiful reservoir in between Easton, Weston and Redding."
Weise is the host of the TV show “Born to Explore” and lives in Weston.
"I think adventure is different to different people,Wiese says." You know, you have different levels of experience, sometimes it’s just a matter of one foot after another."
The trail includes a 10.5-mile stretch that goes all the way around the reservoir.
"For me, an ideal hike has a great pay-off of a great view, and so the Saugatuck Reservoir has some sections that have great views the entire way," Wiese says.  
 "What’s really amazing about the state forest is the amount of people who work so hard to preserve it. This was an innovative partnership between Aquarion, the Nature Conservancy, and Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection," Fowler says.
The two say hiking is just about embracing all the different experiences that you can get outside, and that the Saugatuck trail is just a remarkable experience.