Save The Children: More Ukrainian children dying in the war

The president of Fairfield-based Save The Children is preparing to visit kids in Ukraine as they get ready for another school year.
But the organization says a rise in the number of children being killed in the war is making school heartbreaking.
Missile strikes in Ukraine have left large holes in many buildings.
Refugees are still trying to escape the war. But for those who can't leave, like large families with young children, day-to-day life is frightening.
"It's terrifying for a child to have to run to a shelter and maybe not get there in time. One child was killed by a missile before she could get into a shelter," said Save the Children's Sonia Khush.
Save The Children says the number of children dying in this war is increasing, with over 540 children killed since the conflict started.
"It's really unacceptable that children are paying the brunt of the conflict here. They had no role in starting this conflict but they're really paying a high price," said Khush.
Khush lives in Kyiv and is seeing the fear on the faces of kids who are trying to cope.
"Children in Ukraine have really faced so much over the last 18 months and you can see it in their behaviors. Some of them do exhibit signs of distress and trauma," said Khush. Save The Children has set up over 100 digital learning centers where kids can feel safe.
Rather than being in person - many students will be doing online learning with devices the organization is providing. Save The Children worries many students will fall behind.
"They really talk about going back to the way life was before the conflict," said Khush.
Save the Children says despite the destruction, it is hoping to open schools again safely so kids can have a healthy start to a brighter future.
For more information on the Save The Children's Ukrainian relief effort, click here.