Say Something Call-to-Action week calls on students to prevent school shootings

Sandy Hook Promise is continuing its mission to stop school shootings before they happen.
Members of the nonprofit are traveling to schools across the country for their Say Something Call-to-Action week.
The yearly event focuses on encouraging students to look for warning signs of a potential school shooter, to act immediately and say something to a trusted adult.
According to The Center for Homeland Security, 2018 was the worst year on record for violence in schools and figures have shown gun violence at schools has been steadily increasing since 2011.
"We have to be more serious about school shootings and events such as that and we can make a giant difference if we speak up just by telling a parent and getting that person help," said seventh-grader Sophia Motyl.
Sandy Hook Promise members say they've helped prevent a number of school shooting plots, gun threats and self-harm.
The group's fourth annual Say Something Call-to-Action week began on Monday and will wrap up on Friday.