School bus driver injured in crash involving pickup truck

The driver of a school bus was injured when a pickup truck crashed into the bus in Monmouth County.
Officials say that there were 16 students on board the bus when the crash happened Monday afternoon in Millstone Township. The crash happened near the intersection of Millstone Road, Sweetmans Lane and Perrineville Road.
None of the children were hurt, but the driver was taken to the hospital to be checked out.
Officials say that an ambulance crew sitting in their bay nearby heard the crash and responded to the scene within seconds. The children were taken to a nearby restaurant to be checked out and to wait for their parents to come to pick them up.
“The kids actually did very well. They were surprisingly calm. Everybody did what they were supposed to,” says Millstone Township Fire Lt. Michael Maloney. “They evacuated the bus out of the rear door and other than being a little upset, they did very well.”
The crash caused a utility pole to fall, knocking out power in the area for a time. JCP&L crews were on the scene to make repairs.
It was not immediately clear if Monday’s snowstorm was to blame for the crash.