Screaming match follows court hearing in Iris Lopez ‘suspicious’ death case

A screaming match broke out Thursday outside the Stamford courthouse after a hearing for the man accused in his wife’s suspicious death.
Hector Lopez is accused of initially denying medical care to his wife, Iris Lopez, 36, by refusing to call 911 after police said she was “in distress” and “unresponsive.”
News 12 reported that Mercedes Collazo Martinez, Lopez's mother, eventually got an ambulance to their Southwood Square apartment, but police say that happened several hours after she noticed the victim needed help.
Lopez was rushed to Stamford Hospital with a massive brain bleed and dozens of bruises on her body. She died the next day.
Her family packed the courtroom, many of them wearing shirts with her picture on the front and #JusticeforIris on the back.
It was the first time they had seen Hector Lopez since Iris Lopez died. Her sister told News 12 that it was an emotional experience.
“We want that monster put away and we want him to suffer…That's what my sister did. My sister suffered,” says Rosie Estrella.
During the brief court hearing, it was learned that Hector Lopez still doesn’t have an attorney to represent him. His case was moved to Feb. 14.
Upon leaving the courthouse, screaming broke out between family members of the accused and the victim. Marshals broke up the incident and escorted Hector Lopez’s family to the parking garage.
Police have not classified Iris Lopez's death as a murder at this point. They are calling it “suspicious” and are still investigating. The full autopsy results have not yet come back from the medical examiner.
Hector Lopez and his mother are charged with cruelty to persons. He's due back in court next month.
According to his arrest warrant, Hector Lopez was convicted of domestic-related charges on several occasions - including assault, violating a protective order and stalking.