Search on for suspects in Stamford shootings

Two men were injured in separate shootings this weekend, both on Stamford?s south end of town. According to police, the first shooting occurred on Lipton Place when a man broke someone?s car window. He was then confronted, and police say he ended up shooting the man who confronted him. Police say they are getting two different stories about the second shooting, which occurred around 3 a.m. on Woodland Place. The first scenario involves a group out on the street who were approached by another group. A fight started, and someone pulled a gun. The second story claims the men who were shot were being robbed. Authorities said none of the shooting victims have life-threatening injuries. Police said they have significant leads on the Lipton Place shooting, but need help solving the crime on Woodland Place.Anyone with information about either of the shootings is asked to call the Stamford police tip line at 203-977-5111.