Sen. Diaz caught off guard by voter records probe

To his surprise, New York Senator Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) found out Friday that he is under a federal investigation. The New York State Board of Elections say FBI agents came to the office to subpoena past voter petitions and voter registration records. Diaz says he has no idea why he is under investigation and only found out from reading the newspaper. However, Diaz says he has no reason to be nervous. He maintains that he won his Senate seat with 85 percent of the votes and has been working hard for the community. Diaz admits he has made a lot of enemies with his positions on gay marriage, abortion and preschool. He says he believes the investigation may be at the hands of one his rivals. Diaz has been under investigation before. In 2005, he was forced to pay money back to the state that was intended for a not-for-profit organization, Soundview Community In Action Group, but instead used to purchase furniture for Diaz's office. The New York State Board of Elections says the current investigation is in the preliminary stages and no one has been questioned.