Sen. Murphy speaks in Bridgeport about president's Build Back Better Agenda

Sen. Chris Murphy spoke about how, if approved, the President's Build Back Better Agenda would help teachers, parents and students across Connecticut.
Murphy visited at the Roosevelt School in Bridgeport on Monday to talk with school officials.
"There's not universal pre-K for 3 and 4-year-olds in Connecticut, we've been trying to do that for years, this federal investment allows us to do that,” Murphy said. “That'll make sure that every kid that starts kindergarten here has the advantage of preschool education, they won't start behind their peers. The childcare investment will make sure that families don't go bankrupt trying to take care of children before they get school age or when they need after school care."
Supporters still have some work to do to convince moderate lawmakers from both sides of the aisle who are skeptical about the price tag.