Sen. Murphy vows to create more jobs, increase production to avert empty store shelves

With reports of empty store shelves on the rise again, Sen. Chris Murphy paid a visit to a local grocery store Wednesday, calling on Congress to do more to get the goods back into shopper's carts.
During his visit to Stop & Shop in Trumbull, he said they were pretty well stocked, but with less variety than usual.
Murphy sourced the Omicron variant as the primary reason for supply chain shortages.
He says the economy is growing fast and the workforce can't keep up.
"We need to do some work to make sure folks are going into the industries that have shortages," Murphy said.
He says more workers who are able to report to jobs in the supply chain, combined with increased production in the states will help end supply chain crunches.
As a member of the Labor Committee in the Senate, Murphy says will he work to increase federal funding to put grocery store shelving shortages behind us.
Stop & Shop did not allow News 12 inside its grocery store and had no comment on the supply chain shortages.