Senate incumbent hopes to win Democratic strongholds

The race for the 22nd Senate District has one candidate hoping to win over the Democratic strongholds and the other wanting to give the power back to the Democrats.
Republican incumbent Robert Russo has been in office for only eight months after winning the seat in a special election. He says he hopes voters will give him the chance to stay in office and really show what he can do. He says with so much buzz about the Democratic presidential candidate, he is hoping people don't vote along party lines. One area he would like to secure is Bridgeport, which is strongly Democratic.
Meantime, Democratic challenger Anthony Musto would like to see his party take back the seat. Musto, who lives and works in Trumbull, says courting voters in more conservative parts of the district helped him win a tough primary challenge, and he's counting on a similar strategy to pay off.
Footage of Musto speaking to voters