Sewage spill in Bronx court puts hearings on hold

A sewage spill at the multimillion dollar Bronx County Hall of Justice forced the postponement of multiple hearings Wednesday.
Court officials say the spill was caused by a broken pipe in the basement of the building, where the prisoners are held.The spill is the latest in a string of problems that have been plaguing the courthouse since it opened in January, ranging from broken windows to structural damage.
Court dates for many defendants that were originally scheduled for Wednesday have been rescheduled.
?A whole month waiting for this, now it?s postponed,? says Jaun Pagan, whose daughter?s court date was rescheduled. ?Her kids were waiting to see her.?
Other prisoners that were expected to appear before a judge include Walter Walker, who was arrested for allegedly hitting a pregnant woman with a van while she was crossing an intersection at East 188th Street and Webster Avenue on Aug. 14.
Another person who was scheduled to have his day in court Wednesday is Nathaniel Boone, of the Bronx. He allegedly posed as a priest in order to get close to and later sexually assault children.