Shelton police chief, union attorney squabble over parking lot quick change incident

A police union attorney is responding to a grievance by Shelton police claiming she purposely embarrassed the chief.
Shelton Police Chief Shawn Sequeira told News 12 Connecticut that court documents prove that six police officers who changed clothes in the station parking lot last summer did it on purpose under the advisement of union attorney Barbara Resnick as a way to get back at the city.
Shelton police closed their locker rooms due to COVID-19 but say they provided their officers with other options. All six officers have since been terminated.
Sequeira says Resnick also misrepresented herself by not disclosing she was on administrative suspension eight times in the state.
"When you receive advisement from an attorney, they're obligated to tell you their status," says the chief.
Resnick told News 12 Connecticut this was a way for the police department and the city to get rid of her.
"For the chief and/or the mayor to say that I concocted this scheme to have them undress outside so that we can create this false narrative and bring a charge in connection with it is astounding,” she said. “It's egregious."
Resnick says the town received backlash from Shelton residents and the city didn't want the public scorn to come back to them. Resnick says she is due a fair hearing to respond.