Shipment of Connecticut’s at-home COVID-19 test kits delayed; towns cancel distribution events

If anyone was planning on picking up an at-home COVID-19 test kit at their town's distribution today, Gov. Ned Lamont says the shipment of those test kits to Connecticut has been delayed.
Cities and towns received an alert from the state saying that there was no shipment overnight and that the distributions will not be possible today.
Gov. Lamont released a statement saying in part:
"My staff and multiple state agencies have spent the past several days working around the clock to accelerate the movement of our tests through what is clearly a shipping and distribution bottleneck on the West Coast amid unprecedented international demand."
Once the test kits do arrive in Connecticut, the National Guard is expected to deliver several thousand of them to the Regional Fire School in Fairfield.
Trucks from 14 towns in the area will come pick them up, and then distribute them to their residents.
Many of those distributions were planned for today and are now called off.
Several towns already postponed them as a precaution.
But local leaders say they are ready to distribute the test kits, as soon as they're in Connecticut.
It is unclear now when exactly the test kits will arrive.