'Shockingly sad and senseless.’ Bridgeport man gets 35 years for killing estranged girlfriend who had protective orders against him

Corey Ramos received 35 years in prison for killing his estranged girlfriend, Jennifer Brelsford, while she had two protective orders against him.

Marissa Alter

Mar 13, 2024, 4:18 PM

Updated 32 days ago


Emotions were on display in a Bridgeport courtroom Wednesday as a local man was sentenced in what the judge called a "shockingly sad and senseless" case—the violent death of the mother of his son.
Corey Ramos received 35 years in prison for killing his estranged girlfriend, Jennifer Brelsford, while she had two protective orders against him. The sentence was part of a deal Ramos took in January as jury selection was underway in his trial. Instead, Ramos pleaded guilty to murder and violation of a criminal protective order.
The sentencing hearing began with Ramos trying to take back his guilty pleas, but the judge wasn’t moved by his change of heart and went forward with hearing from Brelsford’s loved ones. Dozens of them packed the courtroom wearing buttons with Brelsford’s picture or shirts that said, “I wear purple for Jenny.”
Brelsford’s family addressed the judge, sharing the pain they’ve lived with since Oct. 18. 2020. Ramos had no reaction as Brelsford’s parents and a cousin spoke. Brelsford’s mother was so overcome with emotion that another family member read her statement.
“The sudden violent loss of Jennifer has left a gaping void in our family, especially affecting her young son Kayden,” read Delmar Twistol, Brelsford’s uncle, as his sister sat crying beside him. “Kayden frequently asks me why is his mother dead and why has his father killed her.”
Kayden was 3 years old when Bridgeport police said they found Brelsford dead in her home with her throat cut and her purse strap tied around her neck.
“His mother will not be at his baseball games, his school performance, his graduation or his wedding. These moments were stolen,” said Brelsford’s father, Timothy Brelsford. “My heart’s broken. I will never be the same. I wake up each morning and see her face. I think to myself, ‘Did she suffer? Was she crying out for us?’”
Timothy Brelsford told the court that the day his daughter died, a piece of him died too. He ended with a message for Ramos.
“I hope you rot in hell,” Timothy Brelsford stated, a remark that drew outrage from Ramos’ family in the courtroom.
His mother addressed the Brelsford family and apologized.
“I'm not justifying anything, but I know my son is remorseful. And y'all don't know him, but we know him. Without the drugs and alcohol involved, this boy was always happy. He was good,” Ramos’ mother said.
Ramos also spoke, blaming drugs, alcohol and mental health issues from childhood trauma.
“I’m sorry that this whole situation happened,” Ramos said, adding that he’s hurting with Brelsford gone, too. “I got caught up in drugs, and I couldn't control myself. I wasn't myself,” Ramos said.
Before sentencing Ramos, Judge Tracy Lee Dayton granted a protective order, barring Ramos from any contact with his son until 2084.
“So, I can never see my son?” Ramos asked, visibly shaken.
Dayton said yes, then handed down a 35-year prison sentence, followed by 10 years of special parole. Dayton also took issue with Ramos’ apology.
“I always have a hard time when someone says, ‘I'm sorry for what happened,’ because something didn't ‘happen.’ There's a big difference between ‘what happened’ and ‘what I did.’ It wasn't an accident. It wasn't a mistake because if it had been, you would've stayed in the apartment and tried to help Jennifer. Instead, you fled to Canada, and you got caught,” Dayton told Ramos. "This is a devastating case. It’s devastating for the Brelsford family. It's devastating for a child whose mother and father have been taken from him clearly through no fault of his own. And it's devastating for your family because you made a choice that took you and probably your mom's grandchild away from her as well, and that was your decision. That's not something that happened.”

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