Shop owner: Freddy Kreuger sneakers worth thousands stolen last week

A store owner in Bethel says rare sneakers worth thousands were stolen last week.
Colin Hoffman, owner of A Shoe Affair, says he paid a combined $50,000 for two pairs of Freddy Kreuger sneakers.
Hoffman has owned the store for a little over a year. His most prized possession were two pairs of Freddy Kreugers.
"I sacrificed everything for these shoes, these people have no idea how much I worked to get these sneakers," Hoffman said.
He spent a combined $50,000 on the kicks and spent the last four months paying them off. Last week, he says they were stolen.
"When I got to the store, my heart dropped, I felt like I had a hole in my heart," he said. "They ransacked the whole thing and took the case full of sneakers."
The Kreugers have a green and red stripe pattern – just like the scarf Freddy Kreuger wore in "A Nightmare on Elm Street."
"The money can be replaced, but can you replace history? I mean these people ruin these shoes, they're running history," said Hoffman.
He says there are only a few in the world.
"They were supposed to be museum pieces, preserved for the rest of time, I was planning on giving them to my kids, or building a museum," he said. "I just want to tell the people that did this, bring me my shoes back."
Hoffman says if you find the Freddy Kreuger sneakers online to contact him directly or call Bethel police.