Shoppers make sacrifices as prices spike during Fourth of July weekend

Residents shopping for their Fourth of July barbecue items will be paying more this year.
The American Farm Bureau Federation report that U.S. consumers are paying 17% more for their Fourth of July festivities than compared to last year due to inflation. It says the average cookout feeding 10 people will cost you $69.68 – that's about $10 more than last year to pick up your holiday staples.
Some shoppers say they have changed their plans due to the rising prices - opting to stay home. Others say they do not mind spending the extra money.
"This is when we can get together. So if it's a few dollars more, I'm not saying I don't care, but I don't cause I get to see my family that I dont see that often," said Claudia Carbonara of Norwalk.
News 12's Caren Pinto was at a market in Norwalk's Cranbury neighborhood to speak with shoppers.