'Snap back' program works to compensate families affected by cuts to food stamp program

An effort is underway in Bridgeport to help residents impacted by cuts to the federal food stamp program.
As low-income families and individuals brace for the cuts to federal SNAP benefits taking place in April, Alex Pena at Gala Foods is teaming up with Dr. Monette Ferguson at ABCD to implement a "snap back" program.
The program was conceived by Joe Kaliko, the founder of the nonprofit Needs Clearing House.
"We want to make sure that people never have to choose between paying the rent, paying the mortgage, paying a doctor bill or putting food on the table,” says Kaliko.
The community leaders, along with the city of Bridgeport, will be working together to give away bags of groceries to people in need.
"Because it represents a powerful answer and rebuke to the inhumanity of the federal government in cutting the SNAP program,” says Sen. Richard Blumenthal.
They say the event is letting people know that if they're affected by the SNAP cuts, the "snap back" program will bridge the gap caused by food insecurity.
Kaliko is working with Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim to gear up for April when the SNAP cuts actually go into effect.
"We want to say thank you to so many people for helping each other. That's what community is about, that's what community's about here in Bridgeport,” says Ganim.
The program will also be held in other parts of Connecticut including Greenwich.