Social media helps nab one of Connecticut's most wanted

State police in Connecticut say they were able to nab a man on their most wanted list thanks to social media.
Police say 44-year-old Jason Voss, formerly of Bridgeport, turned himself in last week at Troop G state barracks in Bridgeport. He was wanted for not submitting a DNA sample after three drug convictions in 2015.
State police say their weekly posting on Facebook called 'Wanted Wednesday' helped them close out one of their most wanted cases.
"We're looking for witnesses so whether that be knocking on doors or putting a flyer out," says Sgt. Robert Derry. "Now we're into social media. We're putting that out there so we do get a pretty good response from things like that. So yeah 24-style policing does work and we got to change with the times."
Voss was released on bond and is due in court in two weeks.